Human Outsourcing

In this Flexible Resourcing Model, we do outsource clinical research and other staff.

We do outsource people either in service or employment-based structure.

The company possesses a license for Formalized Human Resource Management (In/Outsourcing) from the Central Hungarian Regional Labor Center (National Employment Service), license No.: 21899-2/2006-1300 (see Appendix 3).

We select and train the outsourced employees according to our SOP considering the needs of our partner. We cooperate closely and maintain regular contact with the insourcing partner. In the Flexible Resourcing Model, we do outsource:

  • clinical research staff: educated, well-trained, and experienced project managers, study leaders, CRAs, and CTAs who work in compliance with the ICH-GCP guidelines and effective regulations:
    • clinical research associates (CRA), monitors
    • clinical trial assistants (CTA)
    • line managers (LM)
    • Project leads
    • Project Managers (PM)
    • TMF administrators
    • IP operation coordinators
    • Pharmacovigilance Specialists (PhV/PV Specialist)
  • site coordinators/Study Coordinators (SC) educated, well-trained, and experienced clinical coordinators working in compliance with the ICH-GCP guidelines and effective regulations)
  • administrative functions
    • receptionists,
    • back-office administrators

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